Lattice Patio Covers Sacramento

Frequently Asked Patio Cover Questions

One of the most popular patio cover styles we sell at Screen and Shade Solutions is our lattice patio covers.

The look of lattice is a classic effect that evokes southern living and lazy, relaxing summer days. Staring up though a lattice style patio cover at your Sacramento, CA home, you get plenty of shade but you can also see the sky and the clouds, making this a beautiful and versatile patio cover style.

There are different ways you can set up and decorate your lattice patio covers for your Fairfield, Vacaville, or Stockton home. You can choose to leave your lattice open, so that it gives partial shade but is not completely covered over. You can have a solid top put on top of your lattice patio cover, though this is not the most common way of doing lattice patio covers. You can also choose to have vines and plants grow up the sides of your lattice patio cover and fill in over the top of your lattice patio cover for your Roseville, Rocklin, or Walnut Creek home. Vines are a beautiful choice for your patio since they provide natural, full shade, give birds a place to nest, and help to cool the air underneath them.

On the other hand, having foliage touching wood tends to rot the wood, so if you are planning on growing vines up your Benicia, Danville, or Vallejo home’s lattice patio cover, you’ll need to choose a metal cover or an Alumawood lattice cover. Alumawood is an imitation wood that gives you the best of all worlds: the beauty of natural wood with the durability of plastic or even fiberglass. If you do not plan to have plants growing up your lattice patio covers, then we highly recommend using wood because of its classic appearance which will be sure to complement your Concord or San Ramon home. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

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