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Specializing in Patio Covers & Awnings in Sacramento

Patio Covers

Patio Covers Sacramento 

Patio Awnings

Patio Awnings Sacramento 

Alumawood Covers

Alumawood Patio Covers Sacramento

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Retractable Screens Sacramento 


Patio Covers & Awnings in Sacramento

Screen & Shade Solutions Patio Covers are built to last through extreme weather conditions. Some of the huge benefits of Alumawood compared to real wood is that Alumawood patio covers won't burn, crack, split, warp, peel or rot. Decrease your electricity bills and save money with a Patio Cover from Screen and Shade Solutions. We offer many different types of patio covers here at Screen and Shade Solutions, browse through our website and let us know if you have any questions.

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Patio Covers Sacramento

Patio Covers Sacramento

If you are looking for patio covers to be able to enjoy your Sacramento, CA home’s patio and outdoor area this spring and summer, you have come to the right place at Screen and Shade Solutions! We have the patio covers and awnings you need to be able to enjoy the beautiful California summer weather. Patio covers come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles, and you can have your pick of a huge variety of patio covers for your Fairfield, CA or Vacaville, CA home. We have retractable patio covers, canvas patio covers, lattice patio covers, alumawood patio covers among many other styles. All of these options give a different look to your Stockton, CA or Roseville, CA home or patio. Whatever your architecture or decorative style is at your Rocklin, CA, Walnut Creek, CA, or Benicia, CA home, or whatever your landscape design is, you can find exactly the perfect patio covers at Screen and Shade Solutions in Sacramento!

There are benefits to all the different kinds of patio covers and awnings you can get, and the choice of which one to pick depends of course on your own needs and lifestyle. For example, retractable canvas patio covers let you have shade on your patio when you want it, and sun when you want it. When there is a light shower you can retract the patio cover to let your plants get some needed water, and when there is a heavy storm you can cover your plants and protect them from the elements. On the other hand, if you want a more permanent solution for your patio at your Danville, CA, Vallejo, CA, Concord, CA, or  San Ramon, CA home, you may want one of our wooden, aluminum, or fiberglass patio covers. These patio cover options let you have a permanent covering for your patio which gives you a solid shade and a protected place to sit no matter what the weather does. Give us a call today at Screen and Shade Solutions to find out how we can make your patio cover dreams come true!

Alumawood Patio Cover Sacramento

Alumawood Patio Cover Sacramento

If you are used to the Sacramento heat, you know know how bad it can get. Sacramento homes that have Alumawood patio covers over their slider door may experience a temperature change of 10 - 30 %. If your deck or patio is on the east side of your home you probably know how unbearably hot the Sacramento area becomes with the warm summer weather. Patios and decks that are left open to mother natures heat can reflect massive heat to the inside of a home, doing this will create energy inefficiency and leave a home owner open to high energy costs.

There are some additional things a home owner can do to protect the inside of their home such as planting healthy big leaf trees. Planting big healthy high density leaf trees will also protect your deck or Alumawood patio cover. Some of the disadvantages of planting big healthy leaf trees is that it may take up to 15 years to have substantial blocking of the suns heat into your home. Screen & Shade Solutions Alumawood patio cover can reduce the sun's glare and heat without blocking out light, breezes, or beautiful views. Contact Screen & Shade Solutions for a FREE In-Home Consultation today!" Escape from reality with a unique Alumawood Patio Cover design

So you chose the right design for your patio cover design, you have now turned your backyard into a  trave free vacation spot. Your Alumawood patio cover will bring relief unlike any umbrella on the beach with a million people running around you and getting sand everywhere. Enjoy the convenience of grilling on your built-in Sacramento barbecue pit island versus a picnic in the park. A solid Alumawood patio covering over your barbecue grill means you are ready to barbecue any time of the year. Avoid standing in lines for theme parks or airports and invite friends and family to enjoy the comforts of relaxing patio cover living.

Patio Covers & Your Landscape Design

Patio Covers

Experiment with shade gardening under your patio cover. Get to know the best types of Sacramento Landscape Design and learn how a Screen & Shade Solutions Patio Cover or Awning will help improve your situation. Protect delicate ferns from harmful heat and glare. Or provide a safe haven from frost. Three patio cover designs (solid, lattice, and combination patio covers) mean you have more options for gardening in partial sun and shade.

We specialize in Retractable screen doors & patio cover solutions in the greater Sacramento Area. We also service Roseville, Loomis, Rocklin, Folsom, and El Dorado Hills. Read more about patio covers here: Patio Covers

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